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Zeek: A demo Impact game, plus other helpful HTML5 game development resources

Posted by Nate on May 30, 2012

We’re releasing the source of our demo Impact game, from our Webvisions talk in Portland. This is the complete source code (minus the Impact engine of course) and some example spritesheets to get you started on developing your own game. The game, which we’re calling Zeek, is a simple platformer which shows off some basic game mechanics like jumping, crouching and projectiles.

You can check out Zeek here on github.

In addition to the demo game, we want to point out some of the resources we’ve been using to develop HTML5 games with Impact.


Sublime Text 2 – This is a full-featured code editor that we’ve really been enjoying lately. Sublime text also supports TextMate snippets, so we were able to take advantage of this bundle to add some code-completion for Impact.

Underscore.js – A lot of game programming centers around quick array manipulation and sorting. Underscore provides a lot of powerful and handy array manipulation features.

Impact Forums – The Impact forums are a great source of help and information on game development. Impact has an active community that is ready to help.

Point of Impact – This is a good resource for snippets, plugins and examples of the type of games that can be created with Impact. Make sure to post your Impact game here!

ZOË – ZOË requires animations be created in Flash, but makes it easy to configure and export spritesheets for use in Impact.

Impact Plugins we’ve found useful

impact-tween – This plugin gives you more finite control over animations with the ability to tween entity properties as well as the ability to pause and resume tweening animations.

oscillator – Oscillator creates cycling timers that toggle on/off automatically for you. This allows you to do things like raise and lower platforms over time or just animate powerups or badies in alternating patterns.

These are a few of the development resources we’ve found useful for developing games. Let us know what you’ve been using and if you find any of these helpful.