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Seeing the future at Webvisions: Portland

Posted by Alex on June 12, 2012


Recently, the Code@BaM team went west for the Webvisions: Portland conference. In addition to attending the conference, the team was selected to lead a workshop on building games in HTML5 using ImpactJS.

After the workshop, the BaM team went through several different tracks covering all aspects of digital marketing and interactive development. A few team favorites:

  • Hulk Smash the Web!: In this session, Jeff White from Industrial Light and Magic talked in depth about how the team at ILM used various technologies to bring the characters of The Avengers to life. His team created character models and environments in painstaking detail, and the results were the amazing environments and incredibly detailed, real-life charatcers seen in the movie.
  • The Web’s Third Decade: Faruk Ateş discussed how the very definition of what the web is and could be has changed over the last two decades, and what the third decade will bring. He focused on the need for more powerful developer tools to create a more powerful web
  • Let’s Get Physical: Digital Experience in the Real World Bob Burns, Senior Manager for User Experience at Best Buy, gave a behind the scenes look at Best Buy’s research on using QR codes to provide quick access to more product information in their brick and mortar stores. Bob also shared his thoughts on the future of retail shopping and how the today’s digital experiences are shaping it.
  • Adventures in Game Design Matthew Thomas Maloney, professor at SCAD, spoke about considerations for designing games on unconventional media including tablets, table surfaces, and the use of unique user input controls. He also gave an inside view of a game development project he worked on with another professor and 8 students in Hong Kong that ended up being the IndieCade finalist, “Black Bottom Parade”.

Along with giving a workshop and attending the conference as a whole, our team was also excited to unveil the newest update to at the Internet Explorer booth. This newest version has more of a story than the original, including a final boss battle that must be played to be believed. This version also introduces a global online scoreboard and the ability to play in realtime with your friends using Node.js and Socket IO. Look behind the scenes of the project here!