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Bringing Otter Destruction to WebVisions: Portland

Posted by Chris on May 14, 2012

Bored to Death, complete with WebVisions characters

A look at special characters created for the game's debut at WebVisions: Portland

Want to build games like Bored to Death? There’s a workshop for that …

Developers from independent digital agency Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) will host an HTML5 gaming workshop Wednesday at WebVisions — a conference that explores the future of web and mobile, being held in Portland May 16-18, 2012. This is the 12th year for WebVisions, which expands each year to bring developers the most relevant hands-on programming.

Sponsored by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, HTML5 workshop attendees will build an example game live by using the Impact JavaScript library to create amazing, retro-style games directly in the browser without relying on proprietary plugins. Impact takes advantage of canvas and JavaScript in modern browsers to deliver fast, fluid games directly in the browser. And because HTML5 games built with Impact can be easily delivered to multiple devices (like mobile), its popularity within the gaming community is growing and evolving rapidly.

This workshop provides attendees with pragmatic, hands-on, game-building experience from practitioners. Developers Alex Porter, Andrew Cooper and Nathan Bingham bring more than 20 years of combined technical expertise to the table, layered with creative optimization. At BaM, even the most whimsical concepts have deep innovative tech foundations, creating complete integration.

“The best special effects are the ones you never notice. The same is true for technology in games: if people don’t realize they’re playing a browser game, it’s the ultimate achievement,” said Dominic Szablewski, creator of the Impact JS engine. “Marshmallow People did this in the awesomest possible way.”

The BaM developers unveiled Bored To Death, featuring Jason Steele’s Marshmallow People, for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) after only two weeks in development. BaM will premier an expanded version of Bored To Death for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at WebVisions May 17, and attendees will be able to play the game in the Internet Explorer Game Lounge May 17-18.

Microsoft is offering a discounted package deal, which includes the “Building HTML5 Games” workshop, and a two-day pass to all sessions, panels and keynotes.

To register, visit:

About Bradley and Montgomery

Advertising agencies are built to meet expectations, creating commercials that fit inside of predetermined media holes. Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) is a full-service agency dedicated to creating unexpectations for its clients and audiences: magnetic destinations, events, and sharable artifacts that attract people to them-under their terms and circumstances. A project agency that can work alongside a traditional agency of record, BaM works with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Microsoft, VH1, MTV and JP Morgan Chase.

About WebVisions

WebVisions explores the future of web and mobile design, technology, user experience and business strategy with an all-star lineup of visionary speakers, including Nathan Shedroff (author of Make it So and Design is the Problem), cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, Thomas Wester of Second Story Interactive Studios, Jeff White of Industrial Light & Magic, Thor Muller (author of Get Lucky), and more.